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We are the largest zinc producer in the United States and the leading manufacturer of value-added zinc products including zinc oxide and zinc powder. Leading the industry as an integrated producer as well as the world's largest producer of zinc from recycled sources, Horsehead's electrothermic smelting facility, the only one of its type in the Western Hemisphere, provides unique capabilities allowing it to utilize the most diverse range of zinc-bearing feed materials.

Horsehead Corporation was formed in 2003, but its predecessor companies, the New Jersey Zinc Company and St. Joe Resources Company, each having been in the zinc production business, date back to the mid-1800’s.

With operations strategically located throughout the country, you can find our facilities in Barnwell,SC, Bartlesville,OK, Beaumont,TX, Calumet,IL, Monaca,PA, Palmerton,PA and Rockwood,TN.